We are Recruitment Agency in Thailand


"Human Solutions Recruitment "

We specialize in professional recruitment, giving our clients the option to acquire the right people for the roles the company needs to achieve their business goals and drive operations and growth. We are still keep track of the labor market situation so that we can see the direction of jobs in different positions. We are also a recruitment company that reaches and understands customers at all levels.

There are experienced professionals in recruiting and understanding personnel with more than 20 years of experience and candidates in various businesses.

We are happy to help, provide career opportunities and advise employees at every stage of their career, no matter where you are. If you are new to the world of work or want to change your career, let us open the door to great opportunities for you.

"The right people"

We are experts in recruitment by penetrate channel to specific source of talent pool and expand the area to cover candidates for each position, covering all businesses.

"Cost Effectiveness"

We help you save on recruitment costs. 20% - 30% lower cost compared with most recruitment agencies. No hiring , No fees , No risk,Warranty period.

"Time Efficiency"

We received a request for recruitment.will send candidates to customers immediately. Reduce recruiting time.

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